Tuesday, August 31, 2010



It is significant that 3 Hindu,Muslim and Sikh leaders have supported the noble cause of eye donation. We are very much lagging behind in this cause and depending on a small country like Sri Lanka for donated eyes.Is it not highly disgraceful to we crores of Indians?By keeping aside the superstitions,at least the so called educated community should come forward to give the precious vision to our 30 lakh bretheren who are striving in a murky darkness to get the donated eyes.
Since 1981, I am trying to promote this cause and can send the detailed brochures in English,Hindi,Marathi and Gujarati by e-mail to interested persons. They can visit my blog too for information on this topic.
My e-mail address - shreepad.agashe@gmail.com
My blog - www.netradaan.blogspot.com

- S.V.Agashe,Thane,Maharashtra.


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